InMotion Hosting Review – Is it good for business ?

InMotion Hosting is one of the few hosting companies offers wide range of products to suits customers from beginners to enterprise level. I have experienced with InMotion Hosting Launch plan a year ago when I worked on a niche site. If you would like to know my experience with the company, please continue to read one my InMotion Hosting review.

InMotion Hosting : Who are they ?

InMotion Hosting was founded in 2001 and has rapidly grown more than 15 years. The company is a CNET certified services provider for 12 years and having A+ rating in BBB. Now, it has become the popular choice for small business users who need a fast and reliable hosting service.

InMotion Hosting offers 3 different shared hosting plans, Launch, Power and Pro. With 100% customer satisfaction, they are offering 90 days money back guarantee for contracts longer than 6 months.

It’s a really risk-free to work with InMotion Hosting.

InMotion Hosting Review

InMotion Hosting Review:

What’s Good About InMotion Hosting?

There are few key reasons why I choose InMotion Hosting, stability is one of the reasons. They are providing world class infrastructure and a top notch network so your website can rely on it.

Here are more reasons why I like InMotion Hosting base on my own preferences and experiences.

1. Free SSD Drives

A SSD Drives means faster read/write speeds compare to traditional hard disk drives. SSD drivers can be about 20 times faster and is able to push through 95% compare to normal hard disk drive. This means fast delivery of your content from your website. InMotion Hosting is offering SSD on all shared hosting to help speed up your website.

2. Exclusives Max Speed Zones

With InMotion Hosting, you are allow to choose your data centre location. InMotion Hosting utilize multiple data centers, isp providers and advance routing technologies to ensure faster connections. If you are within InMotion Hosting exclusive max speed zones, your email and website can run up to 6x faster compare others. In terms of SEO, faster website means better ranking.

3. Free Data Backups

Most web hosting companies will charge extra for data backups, InMotion Hosting don’t. They will keep a full backup of your data to help protect you from data loss. All business shared hosting will get it for free. Although you can get free data backups from Inmotion, it is always good to make your own copy.

4. Business Class Hardware

To meet the business requirement, InMotion doesn’t go cheap on their servers and tools. They are using enterprise quality Dell servers, raid fault tolerant Samsung SSD drives, redundant switches and routers, and highest quality power and cooling equipment in data centres. You can be sure your website is performing with less downtime.

5. eCommerce Ready

InMotion also ready for any eCommerce shop. The web host supports most eCommerce software in the market, including Opencart, Prestashop, Magento, ZenCart, etc. You can setup your eStore with Softaculous 1-Click installation. Even though you are subscribing to Launch plan, you are still able to run an eCommerce store. One issue, however, is that you only have a few options for collecting payments. You might want to download a plugin to upgrade your shop.

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Longer customer activation – Every new account sign up with InMotion Hosting has to be confirmed by via phone. This may not be an issue for those living in US but it’s not convenient for non US based clients.

Limited Parked domains – Parked domains allows you to have multiple domain names point to the same account. The numbers of parked domains are 6 and 26 for Launch and Power plan. This can be slightly setback for business hosting.


Upon checkout, you will receive an email in which you can setup your password. Click on the link to redirect to InMotion login page, or AMP (account management panel) as they call it.

InMotion Hosting has redesigned and improved the user experience on its management panel. It is  now easier for user to manage their account and settings in one place. Within the AMP, you can access to your hosting cPanel, install software, make order, renew your subscriptions, etc. You can also register, transfer and manage all your domains in single place.

Here’s the look and feel:

InMotion Hosting AMP

As I am working on my niche site, I need to transfer my website from old web host to new. If you are in the same situation with me, not to worry. You can make a request to InMotion Hosting to transfer your website.

Just click on the “Website Transfer Request” in AMP and simply fill up the form with relevant details. They will do the rest.

InMotion Hosting Transfer Website

This is a good help for people who doesn’t know how to do it. There is basic knowledge you need to know when migrating a website like dns settings, mysql databases, etc. Let InMotion to handle it if you don’t feel comfortable doing so.

Usually it will takes 1 – 4 business days to complete. Good thing is, this service is free! Of course, it comes with condition. It has to depends on the size of your data. I think this is fair to the company too.

Human Powered Support

InMotion Hosting doesn’t just offer great features, they also provide excellent support which is available 24 hours a day, 365 a year. InMotion has been voted #1 for their superior customer and technical service by many independent reviewers.

They have set up a very detailed web hosting knowledge base and a forum where its customer can ask any question. I have learned my web hosting knowledge via their support center too. Beside, their customer support channels includes 24/7 phone call system, email and live chat.

For Pro plan user, InMotion has an SLA to keep your sites online and functioning. They will ensure your uptime is within 99.9%. You may receive one month credit on your account if your server uptime is less than they promise. Pretty cool! That’s the reason why InMotion Hosting able to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

So, what’s The Deal ?

InMotion Hosting offers 3 different shared hosting plans, Launch, Power and Pro. If you are managing 6 domains and 50 sql database, Power plan is the best for you. Anything lesser, you should go for Launch plan as a start. Meanwhile, Pro plan gives you everything unlimited.

Each shared hosting plan comes with exclusive features like Free SSD drives, Max speed zones, free data backups, SSH access, free website builder and ecommerce ready. You just choose the plan base on your website needs.

InMotion_Hosting Plan

You can choose InMotion Hosting Launch plan as a start. When your business grows, you can choose to upgrade.

Not to worry if you are running a eCommerce startup. You are still able to setup your eCommerce store with Launch Plan. The 1-click installation has the complete script you need.

Server Uptime Review

InMotion Hosting is well known for its secured, fast and reliable business hosting service. The company is having 2 data centers. One in west coast, Virginia Beach and another one in east coast, Los Angeles. At InMotion you will get not only the most reliable network possible, but also the fastest.

Take a look on the following uptime record I manage to find.InMotion Uptime

From the above record, you can see InMotion Hosting is scoring 100% uptime from the robot uptime stats. I will try my best to monitor, share and update you with records.

Stay tune!

User Feedback

Here are some users’ feedbacks which I managed to find from Internet. Over all the users are having good feedback about InMotion Hosting. Check out the comments below: – Ajay Narain
“InMotion has given my growing company the reliability, flexibility and consistency that I have been looking for. Their customer service and technical support have always been fast and efficient.” Visit Host – Allyson Cataldo
We’ve used InMotion Hosting for several years now. During that time, not only have we had almost zero downtime, but the support has been fantastic as well — the live 24/7 chat is a great feature, and the service reps are knowledgeable enough to help and adept enough to explain solutions in a way that less experienced users can understand. I’d definitely recommend InMotion to everyone. Visit Host – John Lombardi
I switched to InMotion Hosting without huge expectations, but they have proved to be a superior service. Their primary virtues from my point of view are: strong technology, excellent features, and above all superior support service. They answer questions quickly and accurately, they resolve problems, and they are always available. A first rate enterprise. Visit Host – bob coats
Costs may not be a little high, but I believe in you pay for what you get, and we get a lot from InMotion Hosting. The uptime is 99% and support for any situation has been on the spot, and nearly immediate, even in email. Support chat was immediate, no wait time. And very professional. Very explanatory, and helpful. Keep up the good work. Visit Host

Maybe there are people complaining about it but those are isolated case. You can find out more trusted customer review at Yelp. I will update the user feedback from time to time.

Email to me if you interested to let me know your feedback about InMotion Hosting. I will update your comment here.

Is InMotion Hosting suitable for you?

Whether you are looking to launch a brand-new website or transferring from another web host, Inmotion Hosting is a web host to consider. Anyone who is running an online business should also put InMotion into their consideration list. After all, max speed zone, spam safe email accounts, helpful support staffs, reliable servers, etc are basic requirements for an eCommerce website.


I am very impressed with InMotion Hosting and will be using them for my others niche sites. Although the price is a little bit more comparing to others, in exchange, you get what you pay for. I definitely recommend checking them out.

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