eHost Review – The Best New Budget Hosting

If you are in the market looking for budget hosting, eHost is the right choice for you. This eHost review is based on my experience and findings.

Who Is eHost?

eHost has been around in hosting market since 1998. Although the company provides services for almost 20+ years, they are not popular. Yet, they claim to host over one million websites on their platform.

In 2015, the Houston, Taxes based company has been “re-branded”. They got a new interface and switched from vDeck to cPanel (a more reliable and feature rich control panel). The new eHost focus on simplicity as well lowered the price. eHost earns an A rating from BBB business review. For sure they receive complaints , but eHost managed to resolve and achieve customer satisfactions.

eHost review

eHost Review: Is eHost A Budget Hosting?

With the $2.75 per month, you get everything you need for a basic website. No joke.
ehost offer highlights

You are getting unlimited bandwidth, storage space, MySQL database, free domains, etc. It includes PayPal integration, cPanel online store, website builder, professional templates, and eCommerce features.

eHost provides 24 x 7 phone; chat; email and network monitoring to their customers. It gives you website and visitor reports to make sure it is in good condition. Everything eHost offer is within one plan. That’s the only plan you get.

eHost Highlight Features

There are lots of features that eHost is providing. In my eHost review, I’m going to share with you the features I found useful to you.

Website Builder

It comes with a super easy yet powerful drag-and-drop feature to get your website done. There are over 100 of professional templates for you to choose from. You can customize the template with a different color, image, fonts, backgrounds, text styles, etc.

No coding skills required.

If you want a blog or eCommerce features, you need to add the function. The website builder is different from a WordPress CMS.

Free Domain

eHost offers you a free domain for life as long as you hosting your site with them. Unlike most hosting companies say you get a free domain name during sign up. But, you are charged during your renewal.

This not applicable when you already purchased your domain name elsewhere. To put it simple, when you host your brand new website with eHost, you get a free domain forever.

45 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you have signed up with eHost and you are not satisfied, you can have your money back. You will get your hosting fees refund in full during the first 45 days. No questions asked.

Value For Money

With the lowest $2.75/month, you get a shared hosting plan that a website needs. You can have the option to experience their website builder and a free domain for life. eHost is definitely one of the most cost-effective hosts in the marketplace.


eHost offers specifically shared hosting plan, so there is only one plan you will get. It is pretty easy and straight forward plan design. They are cheap both short and long term. For long-term pricing, they start at $2.75/mo for 36 months, $3.99/mo for 24 months, and $4.99/mo for 12 months. With currently 50% discount, you can start your website with just $2.75/mo.

eHost Server Uptime

Hosting speed and uptime are important for a website. I’ve got a test account to see how this hosting company works. I have been monitoring it for a while. Here’s one of the uptime screenshot I got:

eHost uptime score

As you can see, the uptime is around 99.99% for last 30 days. eHost looks promising. The test is done on WordPress platform. In my opinion, the uptime is good.

If your website is having less than 99.9% uptime, eHost will give you 1 month of credit as compensation.

Here’s what written in their pre-sales policies:

The Terms of Service, Section 15, contains accurate and updated information regarding eHost’s Uptime Guarantee in its entirety. This article only seeks to help explain the rules to which you agree.

  • If a shared server falls short of the 99.9% uptime guarantee, you may receive one (1) month of credit for that package on your account.
  • Approval of any credit is at the sole discretion of eHost and may be dependent upon the justification provided.
  • Planned server maintenance does not count as downtime.
  • Just because your website does not work, this does not mean your server has downtime. As long as the server is available to deliver your content, then the guarantee is met. It is your responsibility to have working content.

eHost Review: eHost In A Glance

When you first setting up your account in eHost, you can either choose cPanel or SiteBuilder. Consider what you need to do with the website before choosing.

eHost Choice

Your website would be deleted if you need to switch to a different platform in the future. You may need to re-do everything all over again from scratch. Alternative, you may need to submit a support ticket on this issue.

If this is the first time you create a website, eHost website builder will walk you through the process step by step. There are 100 of professional templates for you to choose from. Select a template and personalize it. Click publish and you are done.

Your website is live! It’s that simple.

eHost website templateJust be extra careful when you choose a template. You might be able to change a new template without deleting your website. This is something you need to consider when you are using website builder.

Terms and Conditions

There are things I wish to highlight to you before you sign-up with eHost. I study through their pre-sales policies and I think you might need to know this:

Account limits

There are limits in every unlimited plan. Because you can have an unlimited amount of something, it does not mean it is physically possible to consume.

I think this is fair and every company’s unlimited plan practice the same.

In eHost, the CPU usage is 25% on a per cPanel basis and a soft limit of 100,000 inodes per cPanel. For email, you can’t send more than 500 emails per hour. You may not exceed 30 email checks within an hour too. eHost provides weekly backups on all accounts with no more than 20GB of disk space used.

Backup Policy

eHost runs a weekly backup on a random day for your accounts. The new backup overwrites any previous backups. Plus, there is a $15 fee to restore from their automatic backups. This service is a courtesy and is not guaranteed. So, you have to do your own backups for extra protection.

Huge Traffic or Traffic Spike

eHost does not impose any limits on the number of visitors. However, there are limits associated with the CPU and RAM availability. A site on eHost can handle an average of 7,000 – 8,000 visitors a day. If your traffic spikes too high or too long, you may exceed the resources. Your website will be suspended.

User Review

Mary N. Allen | Jun 21, 2016
I’m current user of ehost , more than 7 months and this period is enough to judge the service quality , the website load very fast [ Good Speed ] ,and they have good support team reply withing few hrs in the same day, however their small plan will not be suitable for huge traffic [ i currently host small niche website] , and the wordpress load quickly , i use the cpanel to control everything specially wordpress installation ,i had no issue so far, i can recommend it for all starter with low budget and need very good quality hosting, and if ufind u get more than 1000-2000 visitors / day you may upgrade to next level of their hosting pack. (visit host)

Muhammad Imran Nazish | May 20, 2016
good hosting at very cheap and competitive prices for those who don’t want to spend too much for creating a brand new site. Their hosting plan looks much attractive compared to others. I will try to check it very soon. But I have found many negative review about eHost. Let’s see what they offer. (visit host)

Allie Dons | Sep 1, 2015 Rocks! Why? You can have a cPanel website and a drag and drop built website on one service! I’ve not built a cPanel website just yet, but I can’t wait to learn the ins and outs of it. I am extremely proud of the website I built using the editor on the Website Builder aspect of the site and that’s thanks in part to the templates provided. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better way to promote my jewellery collection! (visit host)

Is eHost Suitable for You?

eHost offers only shared hosting. It is clearly they are targeting smaller businesses and personal website. eHost offers tons of tools, support and uptime reliability that you can rely on. So, if you are new to website building, or a business looking to kick-start web presences, eHost is the right choice for you.