A2 Hosting WordPress Review – Should A2 Hosting Rate #1 For Your WordPress ?

If you are running your blog or website using WordPress.org, here is the golden jubilee diamond you have to grab. A2 Hosting is the perfect place for your WordPress. Its seems hard to believe, isn’t it ?

Not until you read my secret on A2 Hosting WordPress review.

Back to 2001, a company named Inquinet was setup to serve a few dedicated clients, however, after 2 years time, the company was re-branded as A2 Hosting. The rest was the history. To know more about A2 Hosting, here you go.

A2 Hosting for WordPress Review :

What Maks A2 Hosting Unbeatable Choice for WordPress ?

After I have used A2 Hosting to host several of my WordPress sites, I have found out more in-depth information that non-covered by most of the A2 Hosting for WordPress review site. To make things easier to understand, I grouped them into 3 major points:

1) Perfect Optimization

A2 Hosting team has put a lot of effort to make them the perfect home for wordpress. With A2 Optimized, your wordpress page will load 6x faster compare to others. This wordpress plugin is providing auto-configuration like compression and caching on your site to bring the best performance. This exclusive plugin, as the name stated, only available for A2 Hosting user.

You can safe a lot of time in researching the best tools to optimized your wordpress site as A2 Hosting already done the hard work for you. With build-in A2 Optimization plug-in, your WordPress site will be well configure. All you need to do is focus on building content and promoting your site.

What is so great about build-in A2 Optimization ?

Your users may feel your site is slowing down as you adding additional content and at the same time when your site is gaining traffic. This is due to WordPress has to recompile every page every time a user accesses it. If your WordPress site is not well configure, this may result a bad user experience.  Not to worry, A2 Hosting has already built in optimization tool to solve this problem before they hit you.

What does this A2 Optimization for WordPress provides:

  • Advance build-in Optimization for Wordpress
  • W3 Total Cache
  • GTmetrix
  • Cloud Flare CDN

Enhanced Security

WordPress site is famous among all the bloggers and website owner, this includes hacker. It is so popular that 1 of 6 sites are powered by WordPress. It is scary when you wake up the next day in the morning, your most monetized site is being blacklisted by Google. The possibility is your wordpress site being hacked.

To avoid being another statistic, A2 Hosting is automatically hardens all the wordpress site as soon as the installation is completed. With A2 optimized enhanced security, your wordpress site is auto-protected from potential vulnerabilities.

What A2 Hosting is doing:

  • Provide you with an auto unique re-write wordpress admin login url
  • Automatic updates to keep you wordpress up-to-date
  • Enforced ReCaptcha on wordpress login page to avoid robots

2) Blazing Speed

You don’t like to visit a slow website. Neither do your visitors.

Statistics shows, just merely one second delay can impact your site by 7% customer conversions. Speed kills not just in real life, it apply to your website too. Even Google grades slow sites lower in their searching ranking. However, this does not apply to A2 Hosting users !

A2 Hosting will provide you with blazing web hosting speed. Your wordpress site will be hosted at the high performance swift servers. What do you get from swift servers ?

  • Solid State Drives (SSDs)
  • Quadruple redundant network
  • No server overloading
  • 10 Gb/s redundant network, 12 core server minimum, 64 GB server minimum
  • Turbo Server Option – 20x Faster (Updated)
  • Etc, etc…

I am not going in-dept to the list above. You can view the full feature list here.

I am going to share with you the secret that I found within their most valuable feature from swift servers, that is Solid State Drives (SSDs). In A2 Hosting, you will get to enjoy SSDs for free when you subscribe to their recommended plan, Prime+SSD. Whereby, you need to pay extra for the same feature if you are hosting somewhere else.

What so great about SSDs ?

SSDs will supercharged your site to perform 300% faster compare to others. A2 Hosting will use SSD for everything including your files ! Not just OS or MySQL database like some hosts claim. SSDs implement no plugins and no caching, the input/output rate is boost to thousand per seconds. Your wordpress site is now flying !

SSD will boost your page load up to 20X faster on the Turbo servers compare to standard hard drives and this will surely blow your competition away. Even A2 Hosting use SSD for their own site.

3) Guarantee Up Time

Needless to say much, server up time is essential if you are hosting a website or running an e-commerce site. A poor website uptime may ruins your business.

In A2 Hosting, you can be guaranteed of 99.9% of server up time. You are able to track their server up time statistic here. They are pretty transparent with their server uptime. They are publishing the up time statistics. The real data pulled from their production servers. You are able to to view the actual server up time report. This is one of the reason I am choosing A2 Hosting over others. They are pretty transparent in this.

Here is another A2 Hosting uptime report by third party mywebreports.net. Another great piece of A2 Hosting up time statistics.

Others Useful Features Provide by A2 Hosting for WordPress


A2 Hosting will provide a 24/7/365 Guru Crew support. The Guru team will be there for you if you face any problem with your WordPress hosting. The Guru is experience, fast and smart. They have solved my Add-on domain issue. And I am taking this chance to thank their support team as well. By the way, their Guru Crew is US-Based and they never out-source this important department.


You can now manage all your wordpress from single dashboard. This useful plugins is pre-installed to you. Just sign in to your ManageWp account, it will auto-detect your WordPress site on your A2 Hosting account. This is FREE. Besides manage your wordpress, ManageWp able to monitor alert you with any changes to your website, such as traffic increased, comment, etc

HackScan Protection

HackScan is the exclusive hack protection scanning that harden protect against hackers and threats. Security features such as Dual web hosting firewall, Ksplice that perform daily, automatic & rebootless kernel updates, Brute force defense, virus scanning, etc.

A2 Hosting For WordPress Updates:

W3 Total Cache

Improves user experience of your site by increasing server performance, reducing the download times and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration. When it is fully configured, your site able to have 10x improvement to overall site performance. (Grade A in YSlow or significant Google Page Speed improvements)

All-Inclusive Hosting

You are mostly likely facing extra charge for the features that you need for web hosting such as backups, hack protection and SSH access. If you haven’t encounter that before, let me tell you, they are such a trend if you host with others web hosting. In A2 hosting, all the features mentioned above is already load in your account Prime+SSD Plan and they will never charge you a single hidden fee. At least, A2 Hosting never charge me single extra cents, I can assure you

Below Is The Comparison Chart

A2 Hosting WordPress Review all inclusive

Data Center Location

If you wondering where is A2 Data Center, here is the update for you. You can now select the sever location that closer to you. Just mention the hosting location from the order form.
US-Based datacenter is located in Southfield, MI. European-Based datacenter located in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Conclusion : Is A2 Hosting the Perfect Solution for WordPress ?

Yes, certainly !

According to the shop server review, A2 Hosting WordPress hosting service is definitely worth your money and the time you invest in your website. With A2 Hosting Prime+SSD plan, you are able to benefits from the features-rich, secure, robust, 101% WordPress compatible.
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