A2 Hosting Review – Obsessed With Speed

Many people are saying A2 Hosting is the best and provide the fastest web hosting speed, but how true is that ? I am certainly the best person to answer this question. I have been using their services since few years back for my websites and I have had enough experienced with them ! Here is the true A2 hosting review by a REAL customer.

A2 Hosting : Who are they ?

A2 Hosting, Inc. Is the official registered name stated in their Invoice. Located at Ann Arbor, the company established since 2001 and was originally started as web host named Iniquinet. At march 2003, as the company grows, they renamed to A2 Hosting as a tribute to their hometown.

A2 Hosting Review

A2 Hosting Review:

What’s Good About A2 Hosting ?

I first started of by using their Prime plan for my WordPress website. As my website traffic increased, I upgrade my existing plan to SSD. Ever since then, I am sticked with their Prime+SSD plan till now.


Up to this point, A2 Hosting has delivered the above Par product and service to me. If you visit Yelp.com, most of the users review are positive feedback and happy experienced with A2 Hosting. There are a few of the stubborns who raise unreasonable request. Furthermore, BBB has accredited A2 Hosting since 2005 and having A+ for the rating.

A2 Hosting company is really doing an awesome job so far.

What Are The Features That Impressed Me ?

A2 Hosting in a nutshell covers all the necessity for a website, speed, security and support. You can’t go wrong in choosing them. Their exclusive hosting features, server uptime, security measures, and helpful support get the high praise from customers.

As I mentioned earlier, I have signed up with prime web hosting plan. Below are my key findings on A2 Hosting.

1. Super Fast Web Hosting Speed

A2 Web Hosting service is a high speed shared hosting service compare to others provider. Your website will host at exclusive Swift Server platform with SSD hosting option which will speed up the initial page load time to 1.9 seconds, that is almost 42% faster then the closest competitor.

Solid State Drive (SSD) will boost input/output operations to thousands per second which results faster processing on your database and files. If you are hosting WordPress pages, like me, your page will load up to 300% faster with the SSD hosting option ! Seriously, no joke !

For those who hosting HTML pages, you are also well taken care by A2 Hosting. The high speed Railgun Network Optimier will boost your HTML load times up to 143% faster. If you think that is fast enough, A2 deliver even more than you expected.

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2. Excellent Server Up Time

Server up time is one of the major reasons for me to choose A2 Hosting over others. A2 Hosting guarantee 99.9% of server up time. They are transparent and confident with their product so much as they publish the real time 30-day up time statistics for public to access. Check out A2 uptime here.

Alternatively, you can view the report by websiteplus for web server and website monitoring services.

As a move to support the confidence, A2 Hosting will provide a service credit in amount of 5% of paid fee for the month, for every hour that your website is unreachable due to an internal network or equipment failure.

But sorry to say that, I did not have a chance to enjoy this credit. =(

3. Award Winning Support Crew

A good customer support means a good corporate image as they are the person who communicate directly with customer.

A2 Hosting is providing 24/7/365 Real US-Based Guru Crew (never outsourced !! ) standby to assist you. I have been live chatting with their Gurus, like Ross B. and Matt, just to name a few that I remember, they are very helpful and patient in answering all my questions like setting up my parked domain blog or tracking my refund. Although some times, I have to queue for my turn. Instead, you can choose to submit your ticket or email to them at support[at]a2hosting.com. The support turn around time is among the fastest ones I have experienced.

4. Exclusive Web Hosting Features

When you take a closer look at the features by A2 Hosting, it is different from others providers out there. For the lowest price of $7.46/mo you can sit back and enjoy the exclusive features by A2 Hosting.

The exclusive features as following:

  • Server Rewind backups – File recovery program to easily restore your data from saved snapshots when is necessary. You have freedom from accidental deletion, mistakes and data corruption.
  • Perpetual Security w/ Free Hackscan – Proactive protection against malicious hackers and security threats. This exclusive scanning helps block hacks before they can invade and damage site. You are well protected before any potential threats happens.
  • Cloudflare Content Delivery Network – With CDN, your page is expected to load 200% faster for your visitors. CDN works as a group of servers that connected worldwide to determine the shortest route to deliver content to your visitors.
  • Solid State Drive – A2 Hosting is one of the industry first who offering SSD hosting solution, which could boost your page 300% faster in page loading. This feature is included in the recommended plan with no extra charge.
  • Free – All these exclusive come with free of charge. These are all included in Prime+SSD plan, the recommended A2 Hosting plan.

A2 Hosting Server Uptime

Server uptime is important to a website revenue. Research shows an hour of downtime can cost an eCommerce site as much as $1 million.

An unexpected server down time not only hurting your revenue but also cause your business a bad reputation.

The reason I choose A2 Hosting is server up time guarantee. A2 Hosting guarantee a 99.9% for your website up time. MyWebReport.net showing A2 Hosting record 99.9753% of server uptime since 1996. Here’s A2 hosting uptime stats:

A2 Hosting Uptime

I try my best to keep track and collect more data about A2 uptime stats.

If your website at A2 experience unexpected down time more than 0.1% due to internal network or equipment failure, you will be provided a service credit. This is a huge commitment by A2 Hosting to ensure they are delivering the promise.

A2 Hosting: What’s the Deal?

A2 Hosting offers 3 shared hosting plans, Lite, Swift and Turbo. All 3 plans comes with complete SSD solutions, Free CloudFlare CDN, Free hackscan security, exclusive WordPress hosting features, 24/7/365 support crew and 99.9% server uptime guarantee.

The only major difference between this 3 plans is hardware specifications and domains. As a start, I will recommend you to go for Swift plan. This is what I am using. With just less than $1 difference you can have all the features ready for your website.

Depends on your website needs, you can opt to choose A2 Hosting Turbo plan. More resources will be allocated to you and fewer users per server. Your user will experience up to 20x faster on page loads. Faster website means happy visitor!

Here’s the shared hosting plan

A2 Hosting Plan

For any WordPress user, your hosting will come with A2 optimized plugin. A pre-configured WordPress optimization plugin for A2 servers. This exclusive plugin will provide auto-configurations for your WordPress site and get the best out of it. Your WordPress will get faster load time and better security.

As always, A2 Hosting is offering special discount every year on Black Friday and Cyber Monday promo. Find out what’s happening on previous Black Friday promo.

Feedback from Others A2 Hosting Users

Here are some of the comments that I found from web. Let’s have a look

LadyJaye | LA – United States
“I called to purchase a new website for an elderly man selling his books online. I have been so delighted with A2 and the service with my own website the past few years, I could not see any reason not to repeat it with him. As usual, it was a pleasant and productive chat session. Thanks!!” visit host


Jessica | CA – United States
“I am completely surprised that these guys aren’t higher in the rankings for web hosts. They are incredibly fast. Don’t believe me speed test some of their sites. Their prices are average and customer service is good. A2 Hosting should be at the top of the list.” visit host


Njurus | AZ – United States |
“The customer service is excellent, I actually just email them at times saying hi and how awesome they are and they actually replied that I am also an awesome customer. I have had no regrets since I choose them.” visit host


Damian G | Mexico City – Mexico
“I chose A2 because of its speedy hosting in the shared hosting space. Overall it’s very fast and reliable in its uptime and I have had very few issues with my sites. When I have had them (mostly caused by our configurations and not because their systems), A2 has been quick to help with good attitude and professionalism. For a customer who cares about customer service, I am very satisfied with A2.” visit host

If you have something to say about A2 Hosting, I am more than happy to hear from you. Just drop me an email! =)

Is A2 Hosting Suitable For You ?

A2 hosting is suitable for beginner who is setting up online business and looking for ultra fast server.

There are many popular CMS applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc for you to choose. You can install these favorite applications with Softaculos 1-click auto apps installer.

For e-commerce user, there is also basic script available such as prestashop, opencart, magento, etc. You can complete the installation with popular 1-click setup. It couldn’t be easier to use!

If you are running a blog, e-commerce or online business, A2 hosting is the right choice for you. Although to price is slightly higher compare to others, you will get what you pay for.

If you have a large website with hundreds of pages and thousand or millions of page views, your website may need to host at different environment. A2 hosting do offers web hosting solution for medium-size websites. Here’s A2 Hosting complete list of available products.

Conclusion: Should I go for A2 Hosting ?

My conclusion for A2 Hosting is simple: Just go for it !

With affordable monthly price, A2 Hosting provide you with impressive hosting speed, professional customer support and exclusive hosting features. I would say, all these are too good to be rejected and definitely worth your hard earn money. This make A2 Hosting the recommended hosting company among website master, developer and entrepreneur who running online business.

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